Lee Cyr has been fired from his job as an officer for the Fairborn, Ohio police department after posting "Love a happy ending" on a news story about the death of #BlackLivesMatter activist MarShawn McCarrel II.

Kia Absalom, stepdaughter of U.S. Attorney General Loretta Lynch, was taken to a Brooklyn police station after refusing to pay a $20 Uber bill.

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The Missouri city and DOJ officials are nearing a reform deal that will likely effect change and overhaul "unconstitutional" policing.

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The investigation will examine police practices used in the October 2014 shooting of Laquan McDonald and dive deeper into other police shootings, training and the use of deadly force.

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Lynch now says that such data is important and is being developed with law enforcement to create consistent national standards in gathering information on police brutality.

Earlier this year, the Justice Department released a program to better train police in how they interact with local communities.

US Attorney of the Eastern District of Tennessee William C. Killian has said that federal officials are "treating this as an act of domestic terrorism."

Loretta Lynch has been in her Attorney General position for literally one day and she's already making speeches about this horrific massacre at Emanuel AME Church.

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Loretta Lynch finally gets sworn in as attorney general on Frederick Douglass' bible.

Lynch embarks on her next big case as attorney general while a surgical device is now under review for putting female patients at risk.