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If you’re looking for your next television obsession, then we’ve got you covered.

Trust us beauties, you’re going to be addicted to watching the incredibly talented kid stars of NBC’s next hit show, Little Big Shots.

The series, hosted by Steve Harvey, gives every one of these talented kids a chance to be a superstar for the day. Premiering Sunday, March 13, at 8/7c on NBC, Little Big Shots will feature kids with a range of talents from music to athletics and everything in between.

To celebrate, we compiled a list of our favorite little super stars that we know you’re going to want to watch.

First up, we have a little girl with a mesmerizing talent – the ability to hypnotize animals. With her little sidekick next to her, watch the amazing moment she puts a frog to sleep.

The other superstars include a pint-sized pianist (who trained for just three months), an acrobatic superstar on roller skates, a boxing-champ in the making and a future NBA draft pick, whose 3-pointers would leave LeBron James in shock.

We can’t wait to see these little superstars in action, not only for their talents, but also for their interactions with host Steve Harvey, who always seems to keep us laughing.

Check out these amazing moments in the video above and be sure to tune-in to Little Big Shots on NBC, premiering Sunday March 13 at 8/7c.

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