Marc Peeples claims that in 2017 and early 2018, the trio fabricated harmful stories about him for working on an urban garden close to where they lived.

Tereasa Martin claims that her daughter's death could have been prevented and that her child suffered “conscious and physical pain.”

Tiesha Davis's lawyers have filed a federal lawsuit against the owners of the apartment complex.

The flight crew refused to divert the plan as Brittany Oswell suffered a deadly embolism.

Doreen Smith believes the staff at High Point School in Ann Arbor, Michigan, overmedicated, slapped and even burned her daughter Rosa.

All three claim that singer exposed them to the incurable sexually transmitted infection and did not disclose that he had it.

A lawsuit against Los Angeles' Cedars-Sinai Medical Center claims that doctor neglect led to Kyira Dixon Johnson's death.

Zola Mashariki and her lawyer are suing the popular network for gender discrimination, hostile workplace, defamation and more.

The defendants claim they suffered psychological damage and were denied medical attention when Fox taped the hit show at their detention center.

Alvin Bamberger says the President's violent rhetoric inspired him to push Kashiya Nwanguma at a rally last March.

Zola Mashariki and her lawyer are threatening to file a lawsuit against the network for illegal termination.

But does Andrew "Delivert" Caldwell even have that kind of cash to fork over?