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Lawyers for a man accused of assaulting a Black woman at a 2016 Trump campaign rally claim that their client’s act of violence was inspired by #45 himself. 

According to The GuardianAlvin Bamberger, 75, was recorded in a video last March pushing a woman, Kashiya Nwanguma, at a pro-Trump rally in Louisville, Kentucky. During that same event, Trump shouted “get out” and “get ‘em out of here!” referring to protesters like Nwanguma.

Soon after, Nwanguma and two other protesters sued Trump, Bamberger and a white nationalist named Matthew Heimbach—and just last month, a judge ruled that the case can move forward in court. 

Last week Bamberger’s attorneys downplayed the assault saying that their client didn’t really hit Nwanguma— he only touched her. But they also threw Trump under the bus pointing out that throughout his presidential campaign, the billionaire businessman tirelessly incited violence at these rallies and even once told his supporters that he would pay their legal fees if they were sued by protesters.

According to court filings, his lawyers wrote: “Bamberger had no prior intention to act as he did. Bamberger would not have acted as he did without Trump and/or Trump campaign’s specific urging and inspiration.”

They added, “To the extent that Bamberger acted, he did so in response to – and inspired by – Trump and/or Trump campaign’s urging to remove the protesters” and if their client was found guilty the White House should be guilty too “because Trump and/or Trump campaign urged and inspired Bamberger to act as he did.”

Of course lawyers for Trump deny any wrongdoing saying that they “lack sufficient information” about most of these accusations “and therefore deny them.” They also stated that their client’s statements of “get them out of here” was not directed toward anyone at the crowd.

They furthered argued that because Trump is the president he is immune to the suit and that protesters waived their claims when they received their tickets to the rally, The Guardian noted. That, and the protesters “suffered no actual injury” while also being “responsible for their own injuries.”

Yeah. That makes a whole lot of sense.

In the meantime, #45’s lawyers are asking for a jury trial.

Nwanguma and the two other protesters who filed charges together are seeking an unknown amount of damages.

SOURCE: The Guardian


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