Mary J. Blige continues to prove that you can’t keep a good woman down. Despite enduring one of the messiest celebrity divorces in recent years, the Queen of Hip-Hop Soul has multiple projects on her plate, including producing an upcoming dance drama series for FOX. With her new album Strength of a Woman, starring in […]

Degree, yes those deodorant folks are sponsoring the 57th Annual Grammy Awards, which kick off this evening. We can’t wait! Degree spokesperson and the fiercest cast member of “Vampire Diaries,” Kat Graham is teaming up with choreographer to the stars, Laurieann Gibson (Boom Kat anyone?) for Degree’s game-changer campaign. If you’re watching the red carpet […]

Famed choreographer Laurieann Gibson is ready to make a transition. She is no longer Laurieann Gibson. She has transformed herself into the singer/dancer named Harlee.…

Nicki Minaj’s booty dance at the 2013 Billboard Awards left viewers quite confused. While some adored the deadpan shot of Nicki’s (enhanced) cakes, others thought the hip-popping spectacle was inappropriate for mainstream television. I wondered if the Billboard producers had even seen her routine before she performed? Turns out, they were very aware of the […]

BET “Born To Dance” host Laurieann Gibson has been fired as Lady Gaga’s choreographer! Gaga announced via Twitter that she is working with a new instructor who just so happens to be Gibson’s ex-assistant, Richard Jackson. 6th Annual Top 25 Women of Houston CarltonJordon reports “According to an inside source, Laurieann, who attributes herself to […]

Mrs. Boomkack is back and proving that she settles for nothing but the best! The Urban Daily‘s Jazzy F. recently caught up to the fierce and feisty Laurieann Gibson and did an interview. Ms. Gibson opened up about what she learned from working with Diddy, how it feels to have two different TV shows running […]

Laurieann Gibson, choreographer to stars from Diddy to Lady Gaga, has a new E! Network show called “The Dance Scene.” More than reality TV, more than just another dance program, “The Dance Scene” takes you into the creative process. I had the pleasure of interviewing this inspiring sister about love, passion and power. Laurieann Gibson: […]