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If you’re a fan of music, you’re most-likely familiar with Laurieann Gibson — the feisty choreographer who’s responsible for making Diddy, Alicia Keys, Lady Gaga, Beyonce, Nicki Minaj, and even Michael Jackson’s intricate choreography. She brought energy to MTV’s “Making the Band” and introduced the world to her iconic phrase, “Boom Kack.” Now, Ms. Gibson is back with a brand new show, Fake Off, where she’s bringing artistry back to the forefront of what she now calls a mediocre music scene.  We caught up with the famed choreographer and chatted about her new show and working with Beyonce and Nicki Minaj.

Check out the interview below:

HelloBeautiful: What is the concept of your new show Fake Off?

Laurianne Gibson: It is a cast of dancers, flying experts, illusionist and magicians. For example: when you see some of these Grammy performances or you see a MTV performance and someone may be flying or they’re using a black light or they’re using shadows and projection screens, you get to really understand how it’s done or why it’s not good or when they have a quick change or you can speak to the costume and the lighting. It’s a competition and the winner will win $100,000. It’s basically the future of entertainment.

HB: What is your role?

LB: I’m able to speak to the entire performance and really give the audience an understanding about what goes into this level of entertainment and why when you watch it they’re so incredibly entertaining and you can almost realize what real entertainment should be. Fake Off is reminding you about what it takes and what all the elements are that go into a really incredible Vegas style or Grammy style performance.

HB: What about the show do you think will hit the hardest?

LB:  I feel like the millennials aren’t really entertained anymore. A lot of these performances and singing shows are doing the same thing. It’s like they’re mimicking the idea of what an entertainer is and mimicking the idea of what it’s like to be live on stage. Fake Off is really a place where if you really don’t have it you won’t make it through. Everything is about timing. How quick you get to the spot you need to be in. You got to never be late. So ultimately, that creates energy and a magical feeling and when you watch the performances you actually get entertained. You’re feeling magical, you’re feeling inspired.

HB: Who do you think is a true entertainer in the game right now?

LB: Right now I feel like it’s mediocre. I feel like people are settling because you have access to social media where you can take a photograph and you can create something that you can’t do live. So there’s a disconnect. You can buy into a photograph, you can download a record but when you go to a performance you can’t fake it. And that’s the interesting juxtaposition about Fake Off. You have to be really good in order to create that illusion. When I think about the entertainers, I think we’re in a change. I think the idea that everything has been mediocre will produce better work and better art. And that’s why I love Fake Off because it’s so much about the ability of the entertainer and them really knowing what they’re doing and them really having the ability to perform. You can’t put on an outfit and be something that you think a pop star is.

HB: What about Beyonce?

LB: I’ve known Beyonce and worked with her for a while. She’s incredible. She’s an incredible icon and she has an incredible work ethic that I think people really need to understand that it’s going to take them a lot more work to even reach her level. And I think in understanding that they’ll continue to raise the bar.

HB: Nicki has grown so much as an entertainer. What can you say to that since you’ve been working with her?

LB: I have been working with her from the beginning and consistently after leaving Gaga. I was then able to take her to another level and continue to take her to other plateaus. I’m super proud of her. She’s awesome and an incredible writer and an incredible person. I really have a great love and respect for her and we have a special connection and she’s just awesome. For her to achieve and have the work ethic that she does have, I’m super excited about Miss Minaj and just the dynamics and collaboration that we have is super special to me.

HB: You are known for creating “Boom Kack.” If you had to create a new phrase, what would it be?

LB: It might be a whisper. But, there’s something about that that will forever be because the “Boom Kack” is like the sound of my heart and my soul so it can be really loud or quiet. But it is forever “Boom Kack” and that in itself is timeless because everybody has a certain inner “Boom Kack,” it’s just the way they rock. The thing about “Boom Kack” is that it’s kind of a timeless sound that goes along with everybody’s ability to move in their own light.

HB: Can we expect you to be making an appearance on Empire?

LB: I can’t even believe they haven’t called me! Does someone want to fake it on “Empire” or does someone want to come and really give the fans what they need? There is a lot that I am excited about.

HB: What other projects are you working on?

LB: Fake Off is doing so well and I have so many other projects like the BET Awards and all of that great stuff. I’m getting ready to go Puff’s new album and Nicki of course is going on tour. I’m super busy and still working on my own music. So there’s a lot more “Boom Kack” to evolve into but I’m concerned and inspired and really on a mission to inspire my young black women. So I’m always trying to stay in my lane of inspiration of truth to what it is that you dream of doing.

Be sure to catch Fake Off Wednesday nights at 10/9c only on TruTV.


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