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An LAPD spokesperson said they would open an investigation into the incident after a suspicious package was left at the congresswoman's office.

The movie follows LAPD officers haunted by the ghost of a boy killed at the hands of police.

Over $700K in cosmetics were confiscated from Santee Alley, a fashion district in L.A.

The singer is under investigation for allegedly groping and forcibly kissing his next door neighbor.

The investigation comes after a news station aired the video that it obtained from the police.


Wondering if he still feels that "all lives matter?"

The Los Angeles coroner's office claims Wakiesha Wilson hung herself on Easter Sunday, days before her release. Sound familiar?

African-Americans accounted for 35 percent of those shot by the city's police, while Latinos accounted for 57 percent killed by them.

Trishawn Carey maintains her innocence, saying that she was at the wrong place and that she surrounded herself with the wrong people.


The Los Angeles Police Department has cleared officers Sharlton Wampler and Antonio Villegas in the shooting death of Ezell Ford, the Los Angeles Times reports. RELATED:…

On Tuesday night, Brandon Glenn, a homeless man originally from New York, was shot and killed after a confrontation with the L.A.P.D.

An alleged struggle over an LAPD police officer’s gun ended with three officers firing and killing a man on the tragic Skid Row–where many of Los Angeles’ homeless population lives. Similar to the infamous killing of Oscar Grant by a police officer, this shooting was also caught on tape and widely circulated on social media. […]