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When Tiffany Haddish recommended Regina Hall use Monistat cream to help grow back her edges, the Shaft star thought it was another one of her jokes. After a quick Google search, Regina found out not only was Tiffany onto something, thousands of women swear by the sacred technique. Hall found herself growing back her edges […]

There’s a reason Tarana Burke named her movement supporting Black women and girls who are survivors of sexual assault Me Too: We all have a story. While the depth of abuse we experience may differ — from sexual harassment to sexual violence — Black women are still more likely than women of other populations to […]

The American family ideal is still very much a married man and woman raising biological children of their own. The reality, however, is far more complicated. According to 2017 data, “40% of the married couples with children in the US are forming blended families right now,” which means nearly half of all kids are as familiar with […]

Lex Scott Davis may not be a household name just yet, but get ready because it’s about to be, starring in recent blockbuster movies like Superfly and The First Purge.  The one must have in Lex’s bag at all times is chapstick! Other beauty products kept in her bag include Palmer’s cocoa butter, lipstick, Fenty […]

London born plus size model Philomena Kwao stopped by our studio to give us a look into her bag. Despite having a River Island bag on hand, the Ghanaian beauty would much rather ditch carrying a purse most days and opt for carrying things in her pockets. Rather than touching up her makeup with more product Philomena […]

If you aren’t familiar with Hailie Sahar just yet, get used to hearing her name. Hailie is one of the stars of the new FX series from Ryan Murphy, Pose. Hailie stopped by to give us a peak into her animal print Marc Jacobs bag. The actress also shared her 5 minute makeup routine. Find […]