Will Nene ever stop having to deal with drama from her bridesmaids? Our girl was still trying to manage the group who had a million and one opinions about her friend Dianna and a debate on who was Nene’s true friend. While the ladies were out in Los Angeles, Nene unsuccessfully attempted to bring the […]

Nene was still feeling the effects of her big blow out with Gregg’s son, Damien, from last week’s episode so she was definitely in need of a quick getaway. She rounded up all her bridesmaids and flew them to Los Angeles for a little bonding time. Unfortunately, it seemed as if her bridesmaids packed their […]

On the latest episode of “I Dream of Nene: The Wedding”, Nene and Gregg were still in the midst of planning their lavish second wedding but first had to take care of some things at home. While Gregg was trying to mend his broken relationship with his five children from a previous marriage, Nene was […]

NeNe’s second-time-around marriage to her long-time love Gregg Leakes has given us the opportunity to see the fabulous, but feisty Marlo Hampton on our screens yet again. We got a chance to meet the fancy diva on “Real Housewives Of Atlanta,” where she burst onto the scene as an Atlanta socialite, who was rumored to […]

Nene Leakes is back with her own reality show, “I Dream of Nene: The Wedding” a.k.a the road to her second marriage to ex-husband/fiancé Gregg Leakes. If you’re a fan of “The Real Housewives of Atlanta”, then you’ve watched the outspoken blonde bombshell laugh her way straight to the bank after divorcing Gregg and dropping […]