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Nene Leakes is back with her own reality show, “I Dream of Nene: The Wedding” a.k.a the road to her second marriage to ex-husband/fiancé Gregg Leakes. If you’re a fan of “The Real Housewives of Atlanta”, then you’ve watched the outspoken blonde bombshell laugh her way straight to the bank after divorcing Gregg and dropping a few unnecessary women out of her life. But now that she and Gregg have rekindled their flame, we’re seeing a different side of Nene, one that is a little more calm, cool and collected unless, of course, it’s time to turn up!

The first episode of her new reality show gave us an inside look at Gregg and Nene’s relationship and some of the problems they were having. While we’ve never really gotten to know Gregg’s true colors, they were sure shown last night! We found out that Gregg had a whole family before meeting Nene including five adult children that never really warmed up to Nene as their “step-mother.” We also learned that Nene wasn’t the only one with a stubborn and sassy mouth, Gregg was quite the outspoken man himself! Could these two fix all of their past issues in time for their big wedding? Find out what happened on the first episode inside.

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