“It's no longer about getting an opportunity. I think it's about making your own opportunities,” said Matsoukas.

"I have so much I want to say, so much to get out of my soul that is fighting to be given to the world," filmmaker Earl Saint X said.

Howard University students took over the school’s administration building, using one of Rihanna‘s songs as their battle cry. Howard students are demanding that the school listen to them after the university fired six employees for misappropriating $1 million in financial aid money reports that the students flooded Howard’s administration building on Thursday, blasting B*tch […]

Cheerleaders at the prestigious HBCU have been kneeling since September 2016--without any drama.

Students demonstrated during Comey's address on Friday morning.

College juniors Alexis Hasty and Daisha Martin believe that the new POTUS, the same man who isn't sure who Frederick Douglass is, truly cares about us.

The First Lady, joined by actor and HU student Nick Cannon and talk show host Seth Meyers, offered the Class of 2020 sound advice on college life.

POTUS also told the class of 2016 to “create your own style, set your own standard of beauty, embrace your own sexuality."