The Black Victorians. Who were they? And why haven’t we heard more about them? Similar to the legend that was Dido Elizabeth Belle, a biracial aristocrat (unearthed by filmmaker Amma Asante, who immortalized her in Belle), the Black Victorians are a virtually forgotten people. Mainstream history and entertainment inundates us with the common knowledge that Black and brown […]

FROM MARIECLAIRE.COM: Recently, my friend found out his fiance was a full-on lesbian (not bi, I mean lesbian), for three years. I guess it didn’t destroy the upcoming nuptials – they got married as planned. It’s a scary question to ask, but do you ever really know someone? Most of us agree that you can’t […]

Kathryn Bigelow made history as she became the first woman to receive the honor – and she beats out her ex-husband James Cameron’s ‘Avatar.’