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During the process of evolution such concepts as ethnicity, gender, cultures, subcultures, and sensuality have impacted fashion on females in America. The influence of fashion has presented and enabled women to self-express themselves. The influence of fashion has presented and made possible for women to express their values and morals through the type of clothing they wear. Basically, fashion is a tool used to create statement! But have women taken the tool of fashion too far in terms of self-expression?

T.O goes naked?

Have you’ve noticed over the past decades how more and more women are wearing less and less? And not just “women,” I’m talking about young girls as well. Take a step outside and walk a couple blocks down your city streets and you’ll be surprised how many half dressed “girls” your eyes will catch. You begin to ask yourself, “How did their mothers allow them to leave the house dressed like that?”

A provocative generation has been brewing over the past decades and is now being served to the public. So why has sexually provocative clothing become the norm for our generation of women:

1. Women want to accent their “goodies”: and capitalize on the amount of potential they’re capable of obtaining to attract a man.

2. Hey Ladies, we know not only men are checking us out: Women feel competition from other women. Unfortunately, this can result in the low self-esteem crisis young women go through. Women are extremely competitive on the man they have their eye on. This may result into the “Cat Fight.”

3. Women want the “approval: It’s always good to leave a room of guys where compliments and positive remarks remain floating in the air towards your direction.

What is Erykah Badu wearing?

Also, we can take a turn and spin this around into the scope of a different perspective. Has feminism brought upon this sexual generation? The second wave of the feminist movement took place between the years of 1960-1980 whose goals were focused on inequality of laws and cultural inequality.

The third wave of the feminist movement started in the 1990’s and remains current. This movement started where the second movement left off, but concentrating less on current events and more on developing who and what a woman is. This sexual revolution is leading to more provocative women.

Strong will powered feminist fight to be “equal” with men. They strive to be considered equal human beings. Throughout present schooling and politics our society has announced women and men are equal and the sexes of men and women are identical. Because of this new outlook on gender and gender roles in our society women have been expressing to the public the statement that “They are women.” In such ways as exposing their bodies and demonstrating a more distinct feminine identity, wearing more revealing clothes, exposing their pregnant bellies, women have announced to the world they are here.

Are people going to start wearing bikini’s to work now to show off that they are “women?”

Check out some sexy celeb’s:

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