Shoniqua Shandai, the breakout star of 'Harlem,' is creating space for curvy, dark-skinned women through her relatable character and music!

We caught up with the cast of the new series 'Harlem' to talk fashion, women empowerment, and why this series is a refreshed celebration of Black womanhood.

We just can't get enough of Meagan Good's stunning look from the "Harlem" series premiere!


Unfortunately, dining while black has always been a thing and despite it being 2018, black people are still facing discrimination at restaurants around the country. The latest incident happened at a Harlem eatery that racially profiled some black customers, but also falsely accused them of not paying. Earlier this month while attempting to dine at […]

In the name of all that is holy, leave Tubman and the womanist movement that she represents, out of this.


Forty years after the development of Hip Hop music, it is not only the biggest-selling musical genre of all time, but now there is also 20-story museum set to open to honor its legacy. Classic Hip Hop is bigger than ever these days, from film/TV adaptations about it and commercials using it in ads, to millennials embracing an […]

A wave of gentrification threatens Langston Hughes' house. But a group of Black artists are battling to save the historic house.

In spite of the endless attempts to erase Black history from the American dialogue, there are some truths that won’t stay buried.

Monica was out promoting her eighth, banging studio album, "Code Red" in this once in a lifetime Interludes performance. Which Monica songs do you love from back in the day?

Instagram struggles with yet another debate on the ethics of free speech on its social media platform.