A social butterfly is usually accused of being a “Chatty Cathy” when she doesn’t know when to cut the convo short. If your coworkers are truly busy, they don’t always have time to engage in meaningless chitchat at the water cooler or in the middle of drafting a time-sensitive email. Ask yourself these 3 questions […]

It didn’t matter if I was working at Wendy’s my sophomore year in high school, or as an attorney at a mid-sized law firm, there was always gossip to be dished and received while on the job. Whispers of whether the co-worker who worked the front register and janitor messed around, and side-eyes exchanged by […]

We love bringing you hot topics on a daily, but it’s just not enough anymore. We want to hear directly from you! We’ve partnered with to give you a chance to chime in on our hot topics. Yes, that’s right. You will be able to chat with us, face to face about whatever topic […]

We all love our men and want our men to be our so-called "best friend." That makes sense in theory, but in reality, all this does is cause unnecessary drama. Your man is NOT your best friend...not when it comes to secrets between you and your girls.

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