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It’s pretty funny when people try to be famous, then end up calling the Waaaaaambulance when people start saying bad things about them. You sign on to this! It sucks, but rumors are what keep the media rolling, so you’re either in or you’re out, unfortunately. However, according to Global Grind, Kanye West ex and sometime model Amber Rose has been seeking some advice and a shoulder from Russell Simmons, because she’s apparently really feeling banged up about the fact that all the funky rumors about her are hurting her budding career. Says the site,

Russell’s been speaking with Amber Rose over the past few days giving her guidance and support…he says that he most inspired by quote that she gave and he wants repeated: THAT CELEBRITY IS A GIFT OR A CURSE!

One of the things that she keeps saying is that she wants to use her celebrity to benefit others…for that inspiration alone keeps Uncle Russ working. This morning he got a call from a troubled Amber, because she was concerned about the rumors that are flying around about her and Cassidy. She has dreams and aspirations that she doesn’t want ruined by innuendo and games played by others. So, one thing she wants to make clear, that Russ believes is true, that she does not know Cassidy…especially since Cassidy has already come out publicly and admitted to not knowing her. Although she has no interest in addressing this directly, she does want the world to know the details about Cassidy…”she met him once at a softball game and that’s it.”

Finally, she’s working very hard and is very focused on developing good uses for the celebrity that’s been blessed with. More details to come…

Sad. The funny thing is, Amber’s really never done anything to anybody. She’s getting a bunch of flak simply by way of existing. But that’s how it works in media sometimes. Does anyone even know what her voice sounds like? Does she speak? Sucks that you’re getting stomped on, dude!

Here’s Amber with a much less ostentatious dude in her life. He seems pretty cool to us…

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