The rapper saw the video and tweeted back that she wants all the cookies!

Officer John Slepski has been suspended for a mere 60 days after dashcam footage showed him considering shooting an unconscious, intoxicated man that he and his partner were supposed to assist.

Chris Brown may have finished up his community service, but authorities are still keeping an eye on the embattled crooner. reports that cops from the LAPD searched Breezy’s car for a gun after getting a tip from someone that one of the singer’s passengers was carrying a weapon. Chris and his crew were at […]

Najah Lorde is a 12-year-old Girl Scout who is basically a boss. She sold 2,833 boxes of Girl Scout cookies, becoming the top seller in all five of New York City’s bustling boroughs. Last year, Lorde sold a whopping 1,111 boxes of cookies, but was determined to go head-to-head with fellow cookie selling queen, 11-year-old […]