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It looks like the coconut between Mo’Nique and Sheryl Underwood is still ripe for the picking…at least on Mo’Nique’s end.

The Oscar winner had some choice words for the co-host of The Talk: “You threw me under the bus and encouraged me to take less money for my work.”

See, it all started when Mo made this claim last Friday on the “Sway In the Morning” and come Monday, Sheryl responded on her show.

“I do not recollect ever asking her to take less money, especially if she felt she was violated,” she said.

“What I asked her to do and what I was hoping that she would do was talk to Oprah Winfrey, Tyler Perry, Lee Daniels… Now, she may not agree with me but what I do commend her for now is having the discussion that will hopefully open the door to solving this racial and gender inequity problem that we see.”

(Remember: Mo accused the trio of conspiring to have her blackballed in Hollywood)

Well…none of this sat too well with Mo, who recently went on her own podcast to keep it 100.

“I watched my sister Sheryl Underwood sit on that stage on The Talk and she said, ‘Let me be clear about something. I never told Mo’Nique to take low offers. I told Mo’Nique if she asked for forgiveness from Oprah, Lee Daniels and Tyler Perry then things would be OK,'” Mo’Nique said.

“Sheryl Underwood is telling a lie. I can’t call my sister a liar but I will say she’s lying. I have the proof of the conversation.”

She claims Sheryl tried to rush her off the phone after making her statement.

“When Sheryl Underwood called me, what she said was, ‘I know you’re not lying and I know you’re right,’ and that’s when I said, ‘B***h, then why are we here?!’ That’s when she got into a big hurry. ‘I gotta go to the airport. I gotta get on a plane,'” she claimed Sheryl told her.

Even after spilling all this tea, Mo wasn’t done.

On Thursday, she posted a video of on Instagram suggesting that the two old friends talk.

“I’m listening and watching and hearing everybody’s opinion, but yours? “See, we’re two Black female comedians and we know what it’s like when we first got started, being on that road making $50 and $75 a night. And the one thing I admired about you, everybody knew you don’t mess with Sheryl Underwoods’s money. Now that I’m trying to get the money for us, why does that seem to be a problem?”

Mo’Nique also mentioned other white female comedians such as Amy Schumer who was offered millions more for her Netflix special.

“What about ours? So all I’m saying, Sheryl is if you prove me wrong, bring me on the show and I will apologize. But if you’re proven wrong, will you not only apologize, will you then stand with us?”

As we previously reported, Mo took to social media to call for a boycott of Netflix last week after she revealed that she was offered only $500,000 for a comedy special, while folks like DeRay Davis and Amy Schumer offered millions.

“I am a Black woman in Hollywood. Why should I have to take it somewhere else when my comedian brothers and sisters are given these offers based off of their resumes and tenure in the business? When you look at resume, I am the most decorated comedian alive…I am the most decorated comedian alive.”

Soon after, Wanda Sykes admitted that Netflix lowballed her too, offering a measly $250K for her own special.

Like I have said before, regardless of what you think about Mo’Nique, it cannot be denied that Black female talent continues to be undermined and we continue to get paid less than white women and even Black men in almost every field we are in.

So we say get the money that you believe you are worth Mo! We all should.


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