Gayle King

Gayle King has the patience of Job after dealing with the disrespectful 22-year-old phone thief accuser Miya Ponsetto.

Gayle King is being praised across the board for her poise during this whole R. Kelly media circus. The respected journalist also sat down with Azriel Clary and Jocelyn Savage, Kelly’s two live-in girlfriends who claim they aren’t brainwashed are staying him by their own will. Azriel was extremely combative and disrespectful while Gayle questioned […]

The "I Believe I Can Fly" singer was taken into custody in Chicago following a hearing about the $161K he owes his ex-wife Andrea Kelly.

In an explosive interview with Gayle King, disgraced singer R. Kelly claimed he’s fighting for his life against the media, public and parents of his victims who he claims want to end his career. During the 10 minutes we got to see of Gayle and Kelly’s 80 minute sit-down shows Kelly so overcome by emotion […]

There’s word that The CBS Morning Show may tap Oprah Winfrey for a spot on their daily broadcast. Could Oprah be expanding her role at CBS? After joiing 60 Minutes back in September, producers for The CBS Morning Show are supposedly desperate to wrangle Oprah for their own show. According to Page Six, they would like her […]

Dave Chappelle rarely does interviews, but recently opened up to Gayle King about his highly anticipated return to stand-up, walking away from Comedy Central and how he feels about “Key & Peele.” During the candid chat, Chappelle revealed “Key & Peele” hurt his feelings. “When I did ‘Chappelle’s Show,’ there were certain conventions of the […]

When you’re a celebrity, divorces can often get nasty with accusations and insults flying left and right, so it’s nice when a higher road is taken. Gayle King may feel a bit better about her divorce from her ex-husband because he recently offered her a public apology for his past indiscretions.

Gayle King has been Oprah's best friend for over 30 years. If anyone would know whether or not Oprah has beef with someone, it's Gayle. The "CBS This Morning" anchor recently addressed the rumor that Tyler Perry and Oprah have fallen out.

SiriusXM has ended their radio marriage with Oprah Winfrey. On Jan. 1, SiriusXM discontinued the Oprah Channel, after an eight year deal where the satellite radio giant shelled out money to use Oprah’s name. According to The New York Daily News, Oprah’s Harpo Productions inked a deal in February 2006 where XM Radio at the […]