"The hope is that there’s more of a coming together. The hope is that it continues to create a dialogue," said the documentary's executive producer, Julius Tennon.

Secretly recorded video of a meeting between Erica Garner and members of the Department of Justice has been released. Erica, the recently deceased daughter of Eric Garner, wanted the public to see what she dealt with in the ongoing campaign for justice in her father’s death at the hands of an NYPD officer. Last June, […]

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Several notable celebrities including rapper Common and Rev. Al Sharpton, attended her funeral service in New York on Monday.

A roundup of 2017's most shocking, emotional and controversial headlines.

Activist and daughter of Eric Garner has passed away at the young age of 27.

Plus Airbnb lays out new plan to address racial discrimination and NFL player Brandon Marshall loses endorsement deal for taking a knee.

Black women are turning a negative stereotype on its head and having their voices heard with the viral hashtag #LoudBlackGirls.

The actor, singer and Civil Rights icon says Sanders "represents opportunity and a moral imperative" to take this nation where it needs to go.

Presidential candidate Bernie Sanders included Erica Garner in a new campaign ad to show his commitment to combating police brutality.

Erica Garner may seek to avenge her father's untimely death by launching a congressional campaign against Rep. Dan Donovan.

Erica Garner revealed the memorial tribute for her father was burned down on Martin Luther King Jr Day. Erica’s father Eric was killed in Staten Island, Ny last July when police officer Daniel Pantaleo placed him in an illegal chokehold after NYPD officers accused him of selling loose cigarettes. Erica broke the news on Twitter earlier this […]