Women are typically advised to keep emotions and business separate as it relates to our careers. However, numerous articles and studies have looked into the important role that emotions can and do play when negotiating on behalf of your company or individual business. Sites such as Forbes and Harvard Business Review both shed insight into […]

Men and women do not understand one another. Shout out to the understatement of the century! Now we can make this statement with date to back it up. According to a study on PLOS ONE detailing men’s misunderstanding of women’s emotions are all in the eyes. Must Read: Battle Of The Divas: Who Is The […]

I was just reading this interesting article called Seven Ways Music Influences Mood and it intrigued me, considering I’ve been listening to music all morning. I’ve always found it interesting that simply listening to a catchy and/or song that has meaning to you can affect the way your brain processes information. What does music really […]

Women are always complaining about how their man refuses to open up to them and show his emotions. There are hundreds of articles given advice to women about how to make your man feel comfortable with sharing with you and so on. There is little help for the brotha who has found the woman of […]

Breakups suck, but sometimes they motivate us to do things and think in ways we never did before. Here are 10 ways you can actually benefit from a breakup from sheknows.com: