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I was just reading this interesting article called Seven Ways Music Influences Mood and it intrigued me, considering I’ve been listening to music all morning. I’ve always found it interesting that simply listening to a catchy and/or song that has meaning to you can affect the way your brain processes information. What does music really do for your mood? Listening to music has the ability to:

1. Help you to reflect. After a bad, good, stressful, interesting, or all of the above day, it’s always good to wind down with some tunes. Also, if the day before needs some reflection, listening to music when you wake up makes starting the day a bit more bearable. In general, a good tune can change the way you view a situation, whether it’s in a good or bad light.

2. Share experiences with others. If you’re listening to music with your friends or family, certain memories might jump out and help to create a community between people through music. It’s always more fun when you say, “Hey, isn’t this a good song?” and someone yells out, “Yeah, this song is awesome!”

3. Lose yourself in emotions. Sometimes, after something good or really bad happens, it’s necessary to find a song that reflects that. Maybe it’s been a fantastic day and all you feel like hearing is “Pump It” by the Black Eyed Peas (do you remember that song?) and dance around the house. Or maybe the day was awful and you just feel like listening to some slow jams for a while. Whatever your mood is, there’s always a song to either intensify that mood or dispense it for something else. Just letting the emotions go is a great catharsis, therefore, put on the tunes when you’re in any mood!

4. Fill the silence. Music is great at distracting your mind or just generally giving you something to while driving (windows down, wind in your hair, blasting some good music…best combination, right?) or something to bop your head to while cleaning the house. There are a ton of times and places that music just makes for great mood escapism or a diversion from a day of work. It can just be good entertainment in general, since a personal soundtrack can make life more interesting.

5. Be an inspiration. Maybe you’re writing a blog entry (like I am) and need something to put you in the mood to write. Music is perfect for that – lyrics, beat, and melody put together are great ways to get yourself into a trance where words come easily. Right now, I’m just writing what I know about music and how it’s always affected me, but this entry definitely came to fruition through the good tunes I was blasting earlier. Inspiration can come from many sources and music, with its combination of strong melody and haunting words can be just what the writer, artist, or whatever your passion is to come to light.

6. Change the way you see the world. Music is a strong global entity. There are all types of music in the world, although many people in America only focus on what’s popular and right in front of them. People are making music all over the world, all with different purposes: social change, personal fulfillment, sharing their love of music with others, or just mindlessly filling the void with sounds and words. Whatever the music is, there’s its ability to influence your mood or view on life and the world as a whole. Through listening to music (or playing it, for that matter), emotions are released and sometimes these emotions can be a catalyst for change.

In general, music is important for reviving people’s views on the world, as well as helping keep every day emotions in check. Music can raise your mood or keep you in introspective thought; it can make you think of old memories or create new ones. In general, just listening to any type of music can have an effect on mood, so go out and keep jamming!

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