Jadi Delgado, 15, was last seen around 5:30 p.m. on June 29.

Three victims of Black and Latino descent were murdered within 11 days of one another in a Seminole Heights neighborhood.

Authorities believe Jeannine Skinner was killed during a domestic violence incident.

Two convicts filed appeals to halt their executions just hours before they were to be put to death. Jack Jones and Marcel Williams had been scheduled for execution by lethal injection in back-to-back sessions that would have happened tonight, Reuters reports. Jones was found guilty for raping and murdering a woman in 1995 and then […]

James Harris Jackson told authorities that he has harbored racist violent views for more than ten years.

The victim reportedly offered the woman his seat on the subway, to which she refused and told her cousin in Spanish that she did not want to sit by a black person.

Thankfully, 94-year-old Betty Reid Soskin is home recovering and will return to work soon. In the meantime, POTUS says he'll send her a new coin.

Vinnie Taylor admitted to fraud and being responsible for the 2014 death of one of his clients.

Plus transgender actress Laverne Cox makes history with new CBS show and Georgia woman carjacked at gunpoint says she forgives her attackers.

Candie Hailey says the abuse she endured in solitary led her to attempt suicide "more than 100 times."

Plus, Louisiana teen charged with child pornography for sexting white minor who sexted him first and a Colorado woman given 100-year sentence for cutting a baby out of a stranger's body.