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Russell Wilson Launches “Good Man” Clothing Line Russell Wilson is holding on to his title of “knight in shining armor” by launching his own brand of clothes to benefit kids in need. The quarterback’s fashion line, “Good Man” clothing, is teaming up with the Why Not You foundation so that a share of the revenue will […]

Married couple, Matthew Mellon and Nicole Hanley Mellon appeared in the New York Times recently because they are creating a a new clothing line–Hanley Mellon–where each collection will be inspired by a new location. The first will be New York City and the next, who knows? But it was Ms. Hanley Mellon’s musings around picking […]

“Yours Truly” is a self-proclaimed clothing line for those who aren’t into wearing mainstream BS. It’s is for the positive, lucky, sassy, style-confident type. For socialites, risk takers, karma believers, and neck breakers. The Summer 2010 line offers a refreshing mix of T-shirt dresses, tank dresses, and hoodies with removable sleeves and cut-out designs. The […]

I guess I just don’t get it. Maybe I’m just hating because I’ve grown tired of celebrities and semi-celebrities creating clothing lines out of boredom and fame-whoredom. But at the end of the day, I still think this Pastry line is totally overrated.