These Black women laid the foundation that would change the political landscape for Black women in government.

Jackie Aina used her platform to call out fashion powerhouses like Fashion Nova and PLT for profiting off Black culture but being silent on Black issues.

A federal report sent to congress in March noted that the 1955 case would be reopened in light of unspecified new information.

Speakers and guests at the symposium, which kicked off Monday, included former Attorney General Eric Holder, Senator Doug Jones and Dr. King's daughter, Rev. Dr. Bernice King.

Linda Brown, whose landmark Supreme Court case desegregated schools, has passed away. Another civil rights icon is gone, leaving a legacy that made things better for all of us. The New York Daily News reports that Linda died March 25 at the age of 76. Her passing was confirmed by her sister, Cheryl Brown Henderson. […]


Rep. John Lewis will not attend the Mississippi Civil Rights Museum opening because of Trump's "hurtful policies" being an "insult to people" portrayed in the museum.


“Reebok has never done something like this before.”

Many politicians believe the updated law will allow more cases to be opened and solved.

New York firefighter Jason Stokes pleaded not guilty to arson charges earlier this week after being charged with setting fire to his own home back in August.

The Kentucky native was the first African-American and woman elected to the U.S. State Senate.