The rising star definitely overcame the odds to become a Hollywood favorite.

  During a recent TV appearance on Fox’s new daytime show, “The Daily Help Line,” actress Tisha Campbell-Martin disclosed a childhood trauma that she had never spoken about publicly before confessing she was raped at 3-years-old. The actress, best known best for her roles in “Martin” and “My Wife And Kids,” appeared on the program as […]

Mother’s Day is an opportunity to fete your mom with flowers and to wear macaroni necklaces from your own tots. But it’s also an excuse to really connect, to dig in deep with the woman who had the bravery to bring you into this world. We asked some of our favorite bloggers what they want […]

I feel like in the past five years or so, there’s been a resurgence in children having technological devices. We’ve become a more tech savvy society, so it’s only natural that children would want the latest cell phones, Wii games, iPods, etc. to pass the time. It’s a completely different world than it was even […]

The end of summer is a time to reflect about relationships.Friends aren’t all the same – some are there for all of your life, and others only for a short time. The friends you make in your adulthood are usually a different caliber than the ones you make in your childhood.