Sheryl Lee Ralph is one of our favorite Hollywood divas to get advice from. The legendary Tony Award-winner stopped by our studios to share information on how HIV testing has become more important than ever. Sheryl has been an activist for the last 30 years. She revealed that she became involved in the cause to raise […]

While we may have made strides in treating the virus, we still have a long way to go in how we treat the person infected.


Researchers continue to study long-term nonprogressors for get insights on HIV resistance that could help the 35 million people battling the virus worldwide.

Magic Johnson wants Charlie Sheen on his team in the fight against HIV. If you’ve paid any attention to TV or online news, you know by now that Charlie Sheen has confirmed that he’s HIV positive. As another celebrity with HIV, Magic took the opportunity to reach out and show his support. “I wish @CharlieSheen […]

Charlie Sheen paid "upwards of $10 million" to keep the virus a secret.

Update: Just when you though Charlie Sheen was out of surprises, he reportedly beat HIV. According to TMZ, Charlie’s been taking medicine and the virus is now undetectable in his blood. It’s rumored he will open up about the diagnosis on the Today show tomorrow. A source told People, “The interview could open up a […]

Charlie Sheen who was once famous for being on hit show “Two and a Half Men,” but now is known around the world as a self-proclaimed warlock and tiger blood enthusiast, has been very busy since launching his full scale assault on former employer CBS. From amassing 1 million Twitter followers in one day and […]