Juneteenth, the historic holiday commemorating the Southern Black slaves’ emancipation, is upon us.

Sheryl Stiles died two days after burying her brave son who lost his life defending concertgoers in Las Vegas.

The Charleston shooter plead guilty to state charges on Monday, avoiding the possibility of a second death sentence.

Charged with 33 federal crimes, Dylan Roof pleaded not guilty under the advisement of lawyer.

In a shocking admission, Director James Comey says the FBI made a clerical error in its background check for Dylann Roof.

"We came back because my family and I wanted to show solidarity with the families and with the church," said VP Joe Biden.

There's been a lot of talk about taking the confederate flag, one activist stopped talking and actually did it.

This is the realest President Obama has ever gotten about racism in America and he even sings "Amazing Grace."

Also, Fort Sumpter and Apple pulls Confederate flag merchandise from their stores and websites while the Justice Department is poised to hand Roof hate crime charges.

If gun violence is so "color blind," how come they only used Black shooters?