After getting called out on Twitter, the cereal company promised to replace the artwork ASAP.

In the spirit of nostalgia, check out these TV shows that we'd love to see revived, remade, or rebooted.


As little girls watching TV, it was a riot seeing Susie Carmichael because she looked just like us: brown skin and her black hair in braids, swinging about with barrettes on the end. We had already adored viewing the world through the curious minds of the babies on Rugrats. With the addition of Susie, the optimistic heroine against […]

Disney has always faced criticism for being racially unaware in a lot of their programming–whether TV or movies. Look how long it took them to introduce Princess Tiana–a peer to Cinderella, Snow White, Belle, Jasmine and every other Disney princess we have loved since tea parties populated with imaginary friends. Must Read: What’s The Difference […]