Our favorite ballroom drama may be on hiatus (thanks to coronavirus), but we can still feast our eyes on the stunning transgender actress and all of her fierce fashion lewks.

When we say that #BlackLivesMatter, transgender Black folks cannot be excluded from our fight for equality.

The "Pose" producer, writer and director is taking over Hollywood and with style!

The "Pose" and "AHS: 1984" actress opens up about how she was empowered by wearing her 4c natural hair out and having it embraced by her fans.

Whether it’s playing Angel on Pose or modeling for Louis Vuitton, Indya Moore is a force to be reckoned with. That, and January 17 is their birthday, sharing this special day with Former First Lady Michelle Obama. Most importantly, they never lived their life with the mantra of “shut up and act” or “shut up and […]

The "AHS: 1984" and former "Pose" star is serving the holiday with this new lewk.

Trans and gender-nonconforming folks need to be celebrated for their beauty and their courage to be their most authentic selves.

The Black trans actress on FX's hit ballroom drama is a much-needed ray of sunshine on Primetime TV...and on social media.

In a world that tries to erase and ignore Black trans women, affirming campaigns like this one brings them into the light and celebrates them for the beautiful women that they are.

October 11 is National Coming Out Day! So to celebrate those who are speaking their truth about being LGBTQ, we wanted to shine an extra light on the Black, the bold and the beautiful trans women that continue to pave the way for others to stand in their light. Take a look at these powerful […]

It's up to us to fight for our trans sisters' right to live their fullest and longest lives.

Dallas police have yet to arrest any suspects for the 23-year-old's murder and are not sure her death was connected to her April assault.