We don't often get a glimpse inside of our favorite celebrities' personal worlds, but on holidays like Mother's Day - they let us in.

In this exclusive interview, Briana Hampton shares why she publicly uplifted her son and offers tips on how to protect your children from bullying.

All Jazmine Headley, 23, wanted to do was get a daycare voucher for her son so she could start her janitorial job. Somehow, that turned into violence.

Michelle Booker-Hicks doesn't play around when it comes to her kids.

In her upcoming memoir "The Last Black Unicorn," the actress opens about her mother's schizophrenia, her challenging childhood and her abusive ex-husband.

Police have yet to charge either one, but they did confirm that they are looking into the alleged rape of the young girl.

Will efforts like this be enough to convince Black America into making her our next president?

Shonda Rhimes is one of the most successful Black women in TV history but for the past several years, she’s also been struggling with her weight. Well, if you’ve seen her recently, then you know that struggle has been in the words of, Olivia Pope, the character she created, “handled.” Rhimes says she lost 117 […]

'Lift Up,' an event celebrating Black Breastfeeding Week, will be taking place on Saturday, August 29th.


A mother breastfeeding her child is the most natural thing she can do in early childcare, but many mothers are still unsure of how to do it correctly. In the Black communities of cities like Milwaukee, Atlanta and Detroit, breastfeeding rates are especially low, but new and organized gatherings and initiatives have been appearing to […]