Today is "Celebrate Bisexuality Day," check out a bunch of celebs who have identified as bisexual.

There’s always been a double standard placed on men when it comes to who they love. It’s obvious that when women express interest in the same sex, they’re more accepted than when men do the same. Some people even think it’  impossible for a man to be bisexual, claiming that once he goes “that way,” […]

Rihanna covers the latest issue of i-D magazine and the interview seems to be dedicated to her love of fashion and her love of women — neither of which makes her gay (or so she says)!

Someone is surely fanning the fire under all those rumors of Trey Songz being bisexual, or altogether gay. Another anonymous source has come forward with details regarding his relationship with Brandon Hines.

Lauren London is about to get it on with another girl in the TV show 90210. According to, London’s character, Christina Worthy is bi-sexual.