His firing comes shortly after "The New York Times" reported that the 67-year-old conservative anchor and the network shelled out $13 million in sexual harassment lawsuits launched against him.

If you lie on the CNN anchor, he has no problem putting your sexual harassment lawsuits on blast.

On Tuesday night, the California Congresswomen got the last word on MSNBC's "All In With Chris Hayes."


As the media continues to diminish her many truth-bearing moments on the prime-time news circuit as sassy and neck-rolling worthy, O'Reilly needs to remember who he's speaking to.


This is just another example of glaring ignorance, bigotry, and mansplaining. A true journalist's responsibility is to uncover the facts, not disseminate a watered-down narrative of an inconvenient truth.

Plus, college student finds racist messages on bananas in her dorm kitchen and Bethenny Frankel offends Black female leaders at NYC event.

The Fox News anchor made these offensive remarks while pressing Donald Trump on how he will bring jobs back to America.

Ben Carson is having a seat two days after criticizing Obama for being too scared to be interviewed by FOX News.


When it comes to Bill O’Reilly, you don’t grab the popcorn, you grab the Advil because 99 percent of the time, you’re going to hear some bull from a man who refuses to understand anything that is not pro-White man or of archaic politics. The kicker this time is from his latest episode of The […]