Actresses Camille Winbush and Dee Dee Davis of The Bernie Mac Show are the latest celebs to join OnlyFans.

Kerry Washington Discusses Divorce Rumors, By Not Discussing Divorce Rumors Kerry Washington is one of the few stars to completely keep their personal life under wraps. Somehow, paparazzi has failed to capture intimate moments between her and her husband, and none of us have really seen her daughter. And that’s just the way she likes […]

From The Jeffersons to Martin and The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air, our childhoods and lives were shaped by those iconic TV shows.

Take a minute to remember those who left us in 2008.

“‘Mama,’ I ask her again, “why you cryin’?’ ‘It’s nothin’ Bean. Sometimes I think sad thoughts.’ ‘What thoughts?’ She didn’t answer. She was lookin’ at the TV. Black guy’s talkin’ to Ed Sullivan… Suddenly my mama’s laughin’ to bust a gut… I turn to look at her-this is the same woman that was cryin’ a […]