If ever there was a need for an to raise money and awareness for a cause, we can probably all agree the current ebola epidemic is it. The World Health Organization official is estimating that with the way the virus is currently spreading, there could soon be some 10, 000 new cases of Ebola a week in […]

Even though it’s celebrated during the month of October, breast cancer awareness is really a year-round issue. Dr. Ann Kulze, MD, author of “Dr. Ann’s Ten-Step Diet” offers great guidance with a list of things we can do right now … to do everything possible to prevent breast cancer and stop all these silly races, […]

Today is World AIDS Day. Recognized each year on December 1 to raise money, increase awareness, fight prejudice and improve education regarding a leading killer of black men and women. Many infected with the disease are unaware of their HIV status and may unknowingly transmit the virus to others. Get educated, get tested, get treated […]