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Can I let you in on a little secret? Having met several “reality” TV matchmakers I can tell you that 100% of their personal love, sex and dating lives are in the toilet. So if they claim to have advice and answers so do we. Let’s trust ourselves to know that we have more answers than we think we do!

This week’s topic: Who Pays on Dates? He, She or Both? Abiola investigates…

Who should pay on dates? Are the rules different for first dates? Do you go dutch and split the check? You asked – Does the man always pay? This was so much fun– watch!


And women – no matter what, always have your “mad money” and your ATM card. There are really no shoulds in dating. It’s whatever a couple agrees upon together and if it’s really an issue, do what my friend Kola Boof suggests and go on free dates!

Who Should Pay on Dates? Abiola’s Kiss and Tell TV, Video edited by Kristal Mosley for the Luvem or Leave Em Advice team.


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