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When I saw that someone named Pastor Troy was trending on Twitter earlier today, I didn’t even blink and went right back to my work, because I didn’t know who he is. I swear.

Sorry to than man.

But when I logged back onto social media and saw that whoever this person is, he and the words “homophobe” and “irrelevant” was being linked to Lil Nas X, I was intrigued. I initially thought, “Oh he must be a real pastor doing what too many anti-LGBTQ pastors do, condemning the people that Jesus would actually love if he were on Earth.”

But when I saw all the curse words in Troy’s post, it was clear that he’s no real man of God, just an old-fashioned, outdated rapper who is projecting his own insecurities about his failure to launch music career onto Lil Nas X, who recently won two Grammys on Sunday night.

Salty much?

And like most homophobes, Troy decided to incoherently lash out at an out and proud gay Black man for not adhering to the same tired gender norms they feel chained to, claiming that men like Lil Nas X are more successful because somehow they are emasculating themselves, which white people like and reward.

Lil Nas X arrives at the 62nd Annual GRAMMY Awards held at Staples Center on January 26, 2020 in Los Angeles, California, United States.

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“Welp, Guess I won’t be winning a GRAMMY…If this what I gotta wear,” the irrelevant rapper wrote on his Instagram page on Wednesday. “They love to push this sh– on our kids!!”

(That sh– he is referring to must be being LGBTQ, which we all know you can’t “catch” through the TV or encourage a child to be, but I digress.)

From there, it only got more nonsensical with Troy ranting about how he and his teenage son were watching an Applebees commercial that featured a gay couple and somehow got mad at cheese sticks.

“[They were] kissing and laughing eating mozzarella sticks” in an Applebee’s commercial. “First Thing My 14 yr old Son said was, ‘F**** Applebee’s’ And It Brought Joy to My Heart!!” he wrote.

“He sees it…their agenda to take the masculinity from Men, Black Men Especially. Some may say, ‘He Making Money!!’ Rupaul do too, but I ain’t bumping his CD!!! Integrity is Priceless. Y’all Better open that 3rd Eye and let your Sons Know What Is Real…Or They Ass Gone Be Headed Down That Old Town Road Foreal!!”



Imagine being this steam pressed about what someone else is wearing.



Obviously,  it was only time before his hateful post came across Lil Nas X’s timeline and when it did, he had the perfect clap back.

“damn i look good in that pic on god,” the 20-year-old tweeted on Wednesday.

The “Old Town Road” singer also came with the jokes:


I’m glad that Lil Nas X can laugh about it, but honestly, he shouldn’t have to endure this type of homophobic nonsense for having the audacity to live his life openly and his own terms. Same with Billy Porter. LET HIM LIVE TOO!



The idea that these Black men embrace their feminity, whether with their fashion and/or mannerisms, is a problem or some conspiracy to rob straight cisgender Black men of their masculinity is delusional and quite dangerous. This hate leads to raising our boys to believe that dominance and aggression is the only way to be a “real man,” while putting men like Lil Nas X and cis women like us in danger for living in their truth.

Quiet as its kept, this toxic masculinity most definitely puts Black trans women in danger too, because we shame cis Black men for loving and being attracted to them, which leads to violence and sadly, even death.)

Y’all, we gotta do better because Black LGBTQ folks deserve a hella lot better than this.

Meanwhile, I’m sure Pastor Troy is at home feeling important and seen, but like most trolls, their time in the spotlight doesn’t last very long, and soon he will slither back into the hole his non-rapping a** came from. While he’s back in his natural habitat, he will be forced to worry about his stagnant career and not Lil Nas X or this supposed “gay agenda” he speaks of.



Black Twitter wasted no time to get Pastor Troy together! Here’s what they had to say:





















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