Yes, the iconic talk show apologized for her homophobic comments, but why is sis putting down her most loyal fanbase?

Nigel Shelby, 15, died on April 18 after enduring homophobic bullying at school and suffering from depression.

The racist and homophobic hate crime the "Empire" actor endured has absolutely nothing to do with an insecure Mexican border.


Some folks wanted to know where was all this empathy when the comedian was joking about beating his son if he were gay.

Janizia and Raven, who have been dating since last September, claim the principal told them the school is built on "Christian values."

The male victim testified that seven years ago when he was 15, he offered up his girlfriend sexually to Kenneth Adkins, who was 50 at the time.

The singer was supposed to be honored at the ceremony along with gospel singer Marvin Sapp.


The gospel singer takes another professional hit.

Folks are not here for the gospel singer's homophobia and intolerance.

Plus, Dallas police shooter reportedly suffered from PTSD after serving in Afghanistan and C-SPAN segment of a white caller asking a Black guest to help him be less racist goes viral.