1. The 13 Most Ratchet Reality TV Movements

The 13 Most Ratchet Reality TV Movements

There was the Miguel leg drop, Miley’s dancing bones, Beyonce’s Superbowl performance and so many more entertaining moments in 2013, but nothing kept us more engaged than reality TV. It is our guilty pleasure and God-given right to vicariously indulge in the ratchet behavior that occurs on popular networks like VH1, etc. With 2014 creeping around the corner, we’ve counted down the most memorable reality TV moments.

2. 13. JazMone Reveals “No Edges” On National TV

13. JazMone Reveals "No Edges" On National TV

The most ratchet moment of Oxygen’s “Bad Girl’s Club Miami” wasn’t a fight (though season 11 brought plenty beat downs) it was the moment when every watching Black girl cringed in pain when JazMonae hot combed her balding edges. JazMone was very open about her hair problem, but when she revealed the patchy spot on national TV, we collectively died. She had the nerve to be hot combing what hair was left. Girl bye.

3. 12. Shekinah: “I Want To Be White”

12. Shekinah: "I Want To Be White"

Shekinah Jo is the best thing (besides family and positive depictions of Black men in society) that happened to “TI & Tiny: The Family Hustle.” Shekinah took ratchet to new heights during an episode where Tiny sought etiquette help for her, in preparation for her late night reality show “Tiny Tonight,” the established beautician said “I want to be White.” She is so ghetto fab.

4. 11. Doctor’s Wives Fight Too

11. Doctor's Wives Fight Too

This year we were introduced to the secret lives of doctor’s wives. Apparently, it was a thing. “Married To The Medicine” became widely talked about for their hypocritical behavior that included fighting in public when they weren’t bickering over who was more bougie. Castmates Mariah and Huq duked it out in ball gowns by the pool over he said, she said. Anything for fame, eh?

5. 10. Battle Of The Booties: Kenya Vs. Phaedra

10. Battle Of The Booties: Kenya Vs. Phaedra

When Kenya Moore and Phaedra decided to go to war over who had the better “donkey” and fitness DVD, Kenya showed up to an event dressed as Phaedra in a tacky mesh ensemble that showed off her butt pads. Kenya was really after her “15 minutes of fame.”

6. 9. Kenya Caught In Texting Scandal

9. Kenya Caught In Texting Scandal

Texting a married is not appropriate unless the tone of the conversation remains strictly platonic or business-based. Kenya and Phaedra’s husband blurred the lines when she was caught texting Apollo “babe.” On “Real Housewives Of Atlanta,” Kenya found herself in the hot seat when Apollo claimed she offered his a sexual favor behind Phaedra’s back.

7. 8. DMX Vs. Iyanla

8. DMX Vs. Iyanla

DMX didn’t think Iyanla’s tactics (pulling demons out of your back in whimsical hand movements) fixed his life and wanted a refund. In an awkward turn of events on “Iyanla Fix My Life,” DMX lashed out against the motivational coach’s treatment launching the duo into shouting match. “Shut the f*** up man,” he told her. Iyanla #turntup and scolded X, saying “You don’t get to talk to me like that.”

8. 7. “Catfish” Starring Bow Wow…Or Nah?

7. "Catfish" Starring Bow Wow...Or Nah?

In a setback to civilization as we know it, Keyonna thought she was dating Bow Wow. Yes, the rapping, acting, 106 & Park host Bow Wow. Keyonna volunteered her story for MTV’s “Catfish” and revealed that her Internet boyfriend– who she believed was Bow Wow had contacted her on a fan forum and sent her $10,000. It was the “duh” heard the world when Keyonna found out Bow Wow was really Dee Pimpin.

9. 6. Joseline Hernandez: “Hi Maid”

6. Joseline Hernandez: "Hi Maid"

Earlier this year we were blessed with another season of “Love & Hip Hop Atlanta” and watched Joseline solidify herself as the number woman in Stevie J’s life. During a visit to Stevie’s baby’s mother’s house, Joseline insulted Mimi’s lounge wear, calling it a maid uniform. “Hi Maid,” she greeted. Poor Mimi, all she could do was throw her out her house but the damage had already been done. #HiMaid went viral…

10. 5. Suzie Vs. Kenya

5. Suzie Vs. Kenya

Season 5 of “Basketball Wives” ended abruptly but that doesn’t mean it didn’t pack a lot of punch. After a confidence boost from Tami Roman, Suzie grabbed her imaginary man gizzards and got physical with cast mate Kenya Bell. Unfortunately, Tami didn’t teach Suzie how to fight. The bloody brawl left Suzie with scratched across her face and a bloody lip, Kenya walked away with tussled hair (tracks-in-tack).

11. 4. Hot Tub Kirk

4. Hot Tub Kirk

One of the most talked-about moments of 2013 was Rasheeda’s husband Kirk’s hot tub rendezvous that almost cost him his marriage. One night, with the boys (Benzino and Bobby V), Kirk decided to take his wife’s advice and get his life together, so he cheats (side eye) on her with two “popcorn groupies” on national TV. The stunt earned Kirk a first class ticket to being the most hated reality celeb of (almost) all time.

12. 3. Mama Joyce & Shoe Vs. Kandi’s Assistant

3. Mama Joyce & Shoe Vs. Kandi's Assistant

Dear Mama Joyce, we get it. You don’t like your daughter Kandi’s fiance Todd, but there is no reason for you to act like a damn fool behind it. (Now that we’ve gotten that out the way…). Mama Joyce has vehemently opposed Kandi’s relationship with Todd but on a recent episode, Joyce accused Kandi’s assistant of having an affair with Todd then attempted to attack her with her shoe. Kandi and others had to intervene.

13. 2. Double Trouble

2. Double Trouble

We knew something was wrong when Mimi walked into Stevie J and Joseline’s intimate dinner. We were right. Stevie began the epic toast by accepting the engagement ring Jos presented to him days prior but that didn’t shock us as much as his next move! He then gave a ring to Mimi, proposing to always be in her life as well. Joseline lashed out with her fists and Mimi laughed with a spiteful vengeance. Karma.

14. 1. Peter Gunz Marries The Side Chick

1. Peter Gunz Marries The Side Chick

We were positive “Love & Hip Hop” couldn’t get anymore dramatic. Boy were we wrong! “Love & Hip Hop” NY snatched the top spot on our ratchet reality show moments with Peter Gunz still holding the reigns for a**hole of the year. Gunz was still in a relationship with his baby’s mother and living with her at the time when he admitted to marrying his side chick and artist Amina Buddafly.

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