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As a proud member of the LGTBQ+ community, I can honestly say there’s little to no representation of masculine presenting women in the media. While we’re thankful for people like Lena Waithe, Chika, and Jonica Gibbs, the world needs to know there are a plethora of Black, powerful women out there that can potentially make you question your sexuality.

Most ladies love a man in a suit, but I am eternally taken by an androgynous woman who can pull off a two piece. There is nothing like a confident woman in a well-tailored slacks, freshly pressed button down shirt, cuff links shining, with their moisturized ankles on display.

This pride, I decided to change the narrative. Instead of highlighting your typical ultra-feminine change maker, I decided to switch it up and shine the light on the stylish, androgynous women killing it in a two-piece suit. I reached out to several ladies to learn more about why they love menswear, specifically tailored slacks, a matching blazer, or a stylish button down.

Danielle Cooper, actress and owner of the She’s a Gent blog, says wearing suits feels like putting on an armor. “Men in suits was the traditional norm and now I’m able push and expand on that concept. I’m able to turn the tide of conversation and move the needle more forward which, in turn, motivates people to think outside the box,” she said. For a lot of these women, suits are more than matching separates; its a lifestyle.

If you’re looking for stylish, dapper, confident energy in a banging’ two-piece suit, you’ve come to the right place. Check out these 8 women who do menswear better than most men.

1. Draped by COE

Draped by COE Source:Draped by COE

“I love a good suit because no matter what your personal style may be, everyone always looks good in a well fitting suit. And when you know you look good, you’re naturally happier you know? In my opinion a suit is a genderless closet staple. It’s that bowchickawowwow effect..” – Draped by COE

2. Danielle Cooper

Danielle Cooper Source:Danielle Cooper

“Wearing a suit is like me ‘putting on my armor.’ I feel empowered, unstoppable and unmovable when I’m in one!

I absolutely love how gender bending a suit can be. Wearing one adds so much to my persona.

Being an individual who’s able to take something that was once strictly meant for men to wear is provoking boundaries!

Men in suits was the traditional norm and now I’m able push and expand on that concept. I’m able to turn the tide of conversation and move the needle more forward which, in turn, motivates people to think outside the box.

I’m hopefully putting people on a more even keel to visualize suit wearing individuals thru a different lens and all the while encouraging people to freely explore and celebrate their individuality.” – Danielle Cooper

3. King Charming

King Charming Source:Kasey
“Wearing a suit makes me feel grown and sexy. It reaffirms my confident energy. So when I walk into a room with my head held high exuding all that pride, my suit says what’s needs to be said before I even say it, hunny.” – King Charming 9

4. Timeekah Murphy

Timeekah Murphy Source:Timeekah Murphy

“A suit takes the slouch out of your posture. It’s makes you walk tall, with your head held high. It gives you confidence to go out and conquer the world.” – I’m Just Murph

5. Jessica Brown Lee

Jessica Brown Lee Source:Jessica Brown Lee

“I love wearing suits because it’s a sense of style that comes along with respect. I stand out in many crowds not only because I am a woman looking good in a man styled suit, but also because I am unapologetic about it. People stare in admiration. Based off societal norms people want to criticize negatively but often times can’t because I look that good and am that confident in It. The suit itself doesn’t build my confidence It aligns with It.” -J.Brownlee

6. Supa Cant Save U

Supa Cant Save U Source:Supa Cant Save U

“To wear a suit properly, it takes time, effort and attention to detail. You can take a suit and make it you! I love suits because it exudes confidence and power in not just appearance but also in feeling. When you look good, you feel great! ❤️” – Supa Cant Save U

7. Dressed Danielle

Dressed Danielle Source:Dressed Danielle

“A suit says you are confident and powerful without having to speak a word.” – Dressed Danielle

8. Alpha Brit

Alpha Brit Source:Alpha Brit

“I love suits because they make me feel confident and free.” – Alpha Brit

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