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Not that it’s anyone business what a parent decides to buy their child, but the Internet is in a tizzy after Migos rapper Offset gifted his baby girl Kulture a Birkin bag for her 2nd birthday. And fans want to know if these critics had the same energy for Kylie Jenner’s daughter Stormi, who’s been the recipient of multiple Birkins.

Cardi B and Offset have been celebrating Kulture’s birthday for a week now, with adoring Instagram posts and pre-birthday celebrations better than our actual birthday celebrations. All leading up to Kulture’s LOL Doll themed party. Freakin’ adorable.

Offset surprised Kulture, on Wednesday, with another birthday present — a pink Birkin bag to which Kulture responded with as much enthusiasm as a kid getting a Birkin bag would express, “pink.”

Cool. Whatever. She just had a pretty dope and age appropriate party. What’s the big deal? Birkin bags cost a pretty penny and Kulture has no clue the value of money, but they’re rich and she was wearing a pretty pink princess outfit while receiving it. No harm, no foul.

Unless you ask some people who think it was to expensive a gift for a toddler. Well duh, but who cares? If she needs, her Birkin collection will pay for her college tuition later.

Cardi took to social media to respond to the backlash saying,

“When celebrities buy their kids jewelry and designer s**t, people be like, ‘Kids don’t care about that. They only care about toys and candy. Yeah, they only care about toys and candy but the thing is the kids also go outside. You know what I’m saying? Kids go to restaurants, kids go to fancy places, celebrity kids, they go do red carpets.”

She continued,

“And if I’m fly and Daddy’s fly, then so is the kid. If I’m wearing Cha-nay-nay, my kid’s having the same same, you know what I’m saying?” she quips. “It’s not up to what the kids like. If it was the kids, they’d be outside in diapers. Because if I was looking like a bad b**ch, expensive b**ch and I have my kid looking like a bum bum, then y’all would be talking s**t. So I’m not mad that Daddy bought baby a Birkin. She’s gonna match Mommy.”

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