1. Best Super Bowl Recipes Ever

This year, you should try killing two birds with one stone at your Super Bowl party. What do we mean, you ask? Well…we think you should serve food with the drinks already included!

Check out this list of delectable Super Bowl treats that are complete with some of your favorite spirits. YUM! Happy Game Day!

2. Bourbon Chicken Wings

Who doesn’t love chicken wings on Super Bowl Sunday? How about drunken chicken wings? Check out this devilishly delicious bourbon chicken wing recipe!

Check out the recipe here:

3. Rum-Glazed Shrimp Skewers

Want to serve something at your party that is finger-lickin’ good, but super easy to put together? Then you should try these shrimp skewers.

Check out the recipe here:

4. Lime Ale Grilled Chicken

Not everyone who attends your Super Bowl party wants to indulge in guilty pleasure foods. Some of us want to stay snatched. Want to turn your chicken up? Check out this delicious recipe for lime grilled chicken.

Check out the recipe here:

5. Beef & Beer Veggie Stew

Have you ever wanted to pour beer into your delicious stew? Well, now you can! Who knew that beef and beer were so yummy together?!

Check out the recipe:

6. Quiche Lorraine a la Hops

The Super Bowl can be an all-day affair, so why not make your guests a boozy brunch? Who knew that there was a way to make quiche even more delicious? Check out this quiche recipe featuring *whispers* liquor!

Check out the recipe here:

7. Maple Bourbon Bacon

Part dessert, part side dish, this recipe brings together three of the greatest ingredients on earth! Liquor and bacon! Toffee-coated slabs of boozy bacon! What could be better? Honestly, if you were serving this bacon at your party, I’d be there.

Check out the recipe here:

8. Beef & Brandy White Bean Chili

Nothing says Super Bowl like a bowl of chili–ok ok, so maybe chicken wings do. But if you switched things up a bit and served this chili at your party, you’d be everyone’s hero, no doubt.

Check out the recipe here:

9. Four Layer Rum Bean Dip

Bean dip is such a delicious way to snack, especially during action-packed Super Bowl parties. It’s one of those snacks with fewer calories, but very filling. What happens when you add a little rum to that? Oh, you’ll see!

Check out the recipe here:

10. IPA-Battered Onion Rings

Impress your friends with these lightly-battered, crunchy and fragrant onion rings. What’s best about these is that there’s enough beer in it to give you a beautiful buzz.

Check out the recipe here:

11. Stuffed Bourbon French Toast

There’s nothing like getting toasted with toast. Yes, there is a way to do this, with stuffed Bourbon French toast. No one will even notice that it’s no longer breakfast hours!

Check out the easy recipe here:

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