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Women are clearly on the rise in the music industry in the executive boardroom and on-stage, but we should really turn our attention more to the women behind the DJ booths. Powerful female emcees from DJ Spinderella with Salt-N-Peppa to Vashtie Kola and DJ Duffey have demonstrated undeniable swag and style at every booking, party, brunch or concert. These OGs made waves and opened doors for more to come through and carry on the legacy that is being a dominating woman in the industry.

HelloBeautiful had the chance to catch up with some dope, fierce Black women DJs about their style, beauty routines and the importance of keeping it cute behind the booth.

1. Olivia Dope

Olivia Dope Source:@oliviadope

“I personally don’t feel it’s 100% necessary to have a beat face and deck out from head to toe as a woman DJ. Only unless that’s the kind of mood you’re in that day,” kicks off DJ Olivia Dope. Featured in ESSENCE, BET, VIBE and xoNecole, Olivia has been spreading #BlackGirlMagic worldwide by touring and turning tables for ESSENCE Beauty Carnival, Janet Jackson and was a professional background dancer Chris Brown and the late Mac Miller. “Sometimes we just want to be comfortable and focus on the vibe. Other times, it’s fun to dress and match that vibe. For example, my personal go-to is a good 90s aesthetic ‘cause I love playing music from the golden era of hip-hop. It makes me feel like I’m back in that time to match the music.”

2. DJ Ria

DJ Ria Source:@riaria5

Media correspondent and Wilhelmina model DJ Ria and DJ C. DeVone share a cute red lip in common when it’s time to showout. “I don’t wear a lot of makeup so I love to just put on a nice nude lip or even maybe my favorite Ruby Woo red and a sexy cat eye, some mascara and of course a little touch of bronzer or blush. Oh, I can’t forget a little highlighter  to brighten up your day!,” says DJ Ria. “But outfits totally depend on how I feel. I could be in a chill mood, I’ll throw on a cute onesie or jeans and a cute bodysuit – or I could be a little bit of rocker chic, hip-hop sass or little sexy sass ‘n class!”

3. DJ X Domo

DJ X Domo Source:@DJXDomo

DJ DOMO, born Dominique Wels, is not afraid to call out the blatant double standard in the music industry, especially when it comes to gender roles in the world of DJ. “I think women who look a certain way definitely get judged by male peers for our look as an indicator of talent thinking, ‘she only got the gig because of how she looks’ – which I won’t deny happens,” the music curator shares with HelloBeautiful. “There are  ‘influencer DJs’ – and I don’t consider myself one – who can’t play well or even care to – but the ‘influencer DJ’ isn’t a fair way to look at anyone who also cares about their presentation. There are plenty of male DJs who fall in that realm and do not get the same flack the women do.”

4. DJ Miss Milan

DJ Miss Milan Source:@djmissmilan

The Fairy Vibemother herself DJ Miss Milan, who is Saweetie’s official DJ, concurs with DJ C. DeVone about the importance of looking fire on the job. “It’s important for me to look my best as a DJ because that’s exactly the same energy I plan to give you during my sets; my very best. Especially when men think you’re just the cute DJ like, ‘yea I let my ‘cute’ self show you how it’s really done’,” Milan teases with HelloBeautiful. “Dressing up just puts the icing on the cake for me because I already have the confidence most times, but a nice outfit and beat face will really have me out moving like Beyoncè’.”


On her go-to style and swag, DJ Miss Milan likes to keep it minimal, but noticeable with a super emphasis on those brows. “My go-to make-up style is very minimal but beat, feel me? Because I love how makeup looks, I just don’t have the patience for the process, but my brows are super important so I spend time on that mostly by using a dark brown NYX  pencil. I keep it cute with some NARS and Fenty products, highlight, concealer, and my signature red lip or brown lip liner with a nude gloss,” she explains as she paints the picture for HelloBeautiful readers. “As far as clothing style, I am so open and truly depends on my mood because I can give you some cozy girl vibes or straight gala vibes but usually, I’m definitely hoodied up with some kicks, boyfriend clothes especially.”



5. DJ Dimepiece

DJ Dimepiece Source:@djdimepiece

Self-proclaimed radio rockstar DJ Dimepiece is all about first impressions, which is exactly why she takes her appearance as seriously as her job. “Before a client books me or a guest hears my DJ set, I’m the first thing that they see which is why it’s important for me to look fly and make a great first impression. When I look good, I feel good and that fuels me to DJ a great set,” says The Mixin’ Vixen herself. She continues to tell HelloBeautiful that her go-to beat is a neutral eyeshadow with a sparkle shimmer cut crease paired with lashes and a nude lip. As for her go-to style? Class, sexy and legs for days, honey!

6. DJ C. Devone

DJ C Devone Source:@djcdevone

DJ C. DeVone, podcast host of Music, Men and My Mental, expresses to HelloBeautiful that looking good makes her feel good when she’s on the 1s and 2s. “It is so important to feel good in and out! As a DJ who advocates for physical and mental health, I love to do things that ‘feel good!’. With music, it’s about playing music that makes people feel within or connect to ‘memorable moments’.”


She continues to share her signature look with HelloBeautiful, which is topped off by a red lip. “I currently keep it simple with my beauty, makeup, and style working from home. I consider myself tomboy chic. So, I love to accentuate my eyes with lashes, wear an oversized blazer or shirt, and lay down the edges,” she laughs. “Also, I try to keep a formal beauty regime with facials, cleaning and vitamins. When I am in need of a pick me up, I put a red lip on.”

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