1. Your Favorite Juice Is Now Your Favorite Cocktail!

Last summer when I was creating my RAD juice recipes, I often thought to myself, “Wow this juice would be even RAD(der) spiked!” So this summer, I want to share some of my favorite adult versions of my top 10 tastiest RADjuices. If you love juicing then you’re going to love the remix! Check out my RAD juices without the spirits:

2. This Sangria Will Make You “Sang”

The key to making the perfect sangria is to find the right balance of sweet and tangy. Too much juice can throw things off, so skip the sugar “honey” and mix some red wine with my pureed RAD juice “The Berry Fresh And So Clean.”

Juice Ingredients:

Blueberries – 2 cups
Strawberries- 16
Kiwi- 2
Mint- 1 cup

Red Wine
Orange-flavored Cognac Liqueur

3. Orange You Glad You’re RAD Bellini

Bubbly prosecco, oranges and carrots are so RAD together it’s silly. Get your daily dose of vitamin C this summer by inviting a little sparkle to the party. Cheers to the remix of my “Orange You Glad You’re RAD” juice.

Juice Ingredients:

Oranges – 2 medium
Carrots- 4 medium


4. The Coolest Cocktail Ever

Nothing says refreshing better than watermelon and cucumber. This crazy low cal juice also makes a cool cocktail, so grab a straw and sip the remix of my “The Cooler RAD” juice all summer long!

Juice Ingredients:

Watermelon – 3 cups
Cucumber- 1 medium


5. It’s Not Easy Being Green-mosa

I usually hit the gym before brunch on the weekends so instead of just downing a post workout green juice and then several mimosas, I just started combining the two. This green-mosa is a remix on my “Incredible Hulk-ette” juice.

Juice Ingredients:

Granny Smith Apple- 1 medium
Kiwi- 1
Cucumber- 1 medium


6. Sunshine With A Splash Of Sass

My favorite drink on a girl’s night out is tequila and grapefruit. Yours too? Bet you didn’t know this though: grapefruit and tequila mix well together since the bitterness of the grapefruit helps lessen the “I feel like dancing on the bar” effect of tequila. This sassy cocktail is a remix on my “Good Morning Sunshine” juice.

Juice Ingredients:

Grapefruit- 1 medium
Orange- 2 medium
Lemon- 1/2

Blanco Tequila

7. The Buff Girls Beach Beverage

Now that you have worked super hard for that hard beach body, keep things right and tight by sipping on this beachside cocktail this summer. Rum is fun with fresh juice, so enjoy this remix on my “Tropical Tease” juice.

Juice Ingredients:

Watermelon- 1 cup
Pineapple- 1 cup
Mango- 1/2

Dark Rum

8. Honey-Dew You Need A Shot Too

Honeydew is so sweet and tangy alone, but it is also super RAD with a little white wine. Hey hey hey…let’s add a little Chardonnay! This wine-tail is a remix on my “Honey-Dew You Need A Shot” juice.

Juice Ingredients:

Honeydew- 1/2 of medium
Cucumber- 1 medium
Lime- 1 small

Chardonnay or Sauvignon Blanc

9. Calling All (Fit) Spice Girls

“I’ll tell you what I want, what I really really want…” some spicy apple juice and cognac please. Hennessy and apple juice be so good, however when you add some cinnamon and ginger, this remix on my “The 6th Spice Girl – RAD Spice” juice is one hot adult beverage!

Juice Ingredients:

Red Delicious Apples- 2 Medium
Cinnamon- 1 stick or 1/2 teaspoon ground (add at the end)
Ginger- 1-2 inch thumb


10. Ms. Georgia Peach Rum Punch

Punch things up a notch this summer with the season’s favorite fruit–peaches. This remix is the spiked version of my favorite RADjuice recipe “Ms. Georgia Peach.” Get ready to feel all warm and fuzzy on the patio ladies!

Juice Ingredients:

Peaches- 3 medium
Gala Apple- 1 medium
Mint- 1 handful
Lime- 1 small

White Rum

11. The Bloody Nutritous & Delicious Mary

If you go-to brunch cocktail is a Bloody Mary, then you are going to love this nutrient rich version. Skip the V-8, pass the vodka and enjoy the healthy remix of my “Bloody Martha (Bloody Mary’s Healthy Twin Sister)” juice.

Juice Ingredients:

Carrots– 2 large
Celery- 3 stalks
Cucumber- 1/2
Parsley- 2 handfuls
Red Pepper- 1/2 medium
Tomatoes- 3 medium
Lemon- 1 fruit


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