Before last week, I had no clue the #PillowChallenge was even a thing, but apparently, it’s one of the hottest trends on them Instagram streets.

Perhaps because folks needed something fun to do during the lockdown to distract them from all the doom and gloom in the world, they decided to turn their pillows and bedding into Haute couture….and I ain’t mad at it. You have to get your joy wherever and however you can.

Clearly, this innovative fashion challenge is gaining traction, cause as we previously wrote, last week Halle Berry caught wind of it and posted the flyest pic of her accepting this innovative challenge.

“You already KNOW you couldn’t keep me from the #PillowChallenge,” the Oscar winner wrote on Wednesday morning, looking fresh off the runway in this navy blue ensemble. And let’s talk about the hat. Straight out of Dominque Devereaux’s closet.


You better slay sis! She also got Tracee Ellis Ross going:


And Niecy Nash:


Not surprisingly, plenty of sistas out there took notice and starting slaying this challenge in their own way. From grownups to our babies, here are some of our favorite and funniest lewks!

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