1. Our Favorite Celebs On Our Favorite Saturday Morning Cartoons!

Don’t you remember the good ol’ days when you couldn’t wait to get up on a Saturday morning to watching your favorite cartoons? All we thought about was when we were going to curl up in front of the TV with our cereal in hand. But, I bet you didn’t realize that the voices behind some of our favorite cartoon characters on TV are some MAJOR actors. Check out who’s lent their voice to our fave animated masterpieces!

2. Adventures of Sonic The Hedgehog: Jaleel White (Sonic)

We didn’t realize that the “Family Matters” actor went from playing Steve Urkel to voicing one of our favorite video game characters of all time!

3. The Rugrats Movie: Busta Rhymes (Reptar Wagon)

Who knew that the Busta voiced the rugrats’ automobile in their movie?

4. Cita’s World: Kali “Miss Kittie” Troy (Cita)

We all remember watching “Cita’s World” after school, but did you know that Miss Kittie, who made an appearance on Salt & Peppa’s “Let’s Talk About Pep,” was the voice behind the sassy animated host on the 1999-2003 BET music video show?

5. As Told By Ginger & Rugrats: Cree Summers (Miranda & Susie Carmichael)

Cree Summers is primarily known as the bubbly “Freddy” from “A Different World,” but she never stopped working. Cree voiced the characters from some of our favorite cartoons, like Susie Carmichael on “Rugrats” and Ginger’s viscous frenemy, Miranda on “As Told By Ginger.” Her voice has appeared in dozens of other cartoons including “The Tom & Jerry Show,” “Looney Tunes,” and “Transformers: Animated.”

6. The Cleveland Show: Sanaa Lathan (Donna Tubbs)

We all love Sanaa Lathan on “The Best Man Holiday,” but the actress puts in that work in cartoons. She’s been the voice of Donna Tubbs since 2011. During most of the first season, Lathan’s former costar Nia Long provided the voice of her cartoon daughter, Roberta, but Long left the show and was replaced by actress Reagan Gomez for the duration of the cartoon’s run.

7. South Park: Isaac Hayes (Chef)

Isaac lent his infamous vocals to the voice of Chef in the hit series, “South Park,” often writing and singing songs on the show as the soulful character, with lyrics that would make our mom’s blush.

8. The Proud Family: Tommy Davidson (Oscar Proud)

If you were ever a fan of “The Proud Family,” then we know you recognized Tommy Davidson’s hilarious voice, playing Oscar Proud.

9. The Proud Family: Kyla Pratt (Penny Proud)

Penny Proud was Oscar’s adorable daughter, so it only makes sense that the sassy Kyla Pratt voiced her.

10. Doc McStuffins & The PJs: Loretta Devine (Hattie & Muriel Stubbs)

Loretta Devine may have played some of our favorite roles in movies, like “Waiting To Exhale” and “Crash,” but Ms. Devine has also lent her voice to some of our fave cartoons. In 1999-2000 she joined Eddie Murphy’s animated show “The PJs” to play Murphy’s character’s wife, Murial, and in 2012 she joined the cast of the popular Disney show “Doc McStuffins'” to voice the main character’s helper, Hattie.

11. Futurama: Wanda Sykes (Bev)

Wanda Sykes has been hilarious is some of our favorite films, like “Monster-In-Law,” but the funny woman has an extensive career in animated film and television. She played the voice of Bev, the hilarious beverage machine in “Futurama.”

12. Turbo: Snoop Dogg (Smoove Move)

Snoop Dogg, Lion, or whatever he’s going by these days, was just as smooth as a snail is just as smooth as the 2013 character he played in the movie Turbo: Smoove Move, which also featured his hit “Drop It Like It’s Hot.” The rapper also lent his voice to the 2007 Boondocks episode “The Story of Thugnificent.”

13. The Lion King: James Earl Jones (Mufasa) & Madge Sinclair (Sarabi)

Isn’t it a coincidence that James Earl Jones and Madge Sinclair played husband and wife, King Joffer and Queen Aoleon in “Coming To America” in 1988, and played a husband and wife team in 1994’s “The Lion King” as Sarabi and Mufasa? Only difference? One movie featured the duo animated.

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