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1. Salute The Sisters!

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In addition to having sun-kissed melanin and a plethora of unique features, Black women are also innovators. No real surprise there, right? Flip through our gallery to take a look at some of the everyday household items, created by Black women, that we simply cannot live without it. Talk about Black girls rock!

2. Hair Loss Prevention

Madam C.J. Walker Portrait Source:Getty

Madam C. J. Walker, the first self-made Black female millionaire in the United States, was one of six children. Adult hair loss propelled her to seek a way to restore her hair’s health. She developed a product that treated the scalp and promoted hair growth. The hair products became increasingly popular, being sold under the Madam C.J. Walker Manufacturing Company.

3. Sanitary Pads

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On May 15, 1956, Mary Kenner was awarded a patent for her invention of the sanitary belt. Kenner was only 18 years old. Nearly three years later, on April 14, 1959, Kenner was awarded another patent for inventing a sanitary belt that was constructed with a moisture proof napkin pocket.

4. The Hairbrush

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In 1898, Lyda D. Newman improved upon the hair brush by creating one that was durable, easier to clean and added proper ventilation with recessed air pockets.

5. Security Cameras

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It goes without saying that women are better detectives than the FBI. In 1966, Marie Van Brittan Brown invented the first home security system along with her husband Albert. The device would serve as a prototype for future, more advanced home security systems.

6. The Ironing Board

Woman ironing clothes at home Source:Getty

Built with a narrow wood board, a padded cover and collapsible legs, Sarah Boone’s ironing board rid Americans of the need to place a slab of wood across two chairs to iron wrinkles out of their clothes. Boone’s ironing board was patented on April 26, 1892.

7. The Curling Iron

curling iron Source:Getty

In 1983, Theora Stephens, a professional hairdresser created the curling iron. Thanks sis! We can’t imagine taming our mane without it.

8. Cataract Corrective Surgery

Tribeca Disruptive Innovation Awards - 2012 Tribeca Film Festival Source:Getty

In addition to being the inventor of the cataract Laserphacoprobe (a medical device used to remove cataracts from the eye), in 1974, Dr. Patricia Bath became the first woman ophthalmologist appointed to the UCLA’s School of Medicine eye institute. Nine years later, in 1983, Dr. Bath became the first woman to chair an ophthalmology residency program in America.

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