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1. Rihanna’s Baddest Bashes!

Rihanna’s birthday is today, but our favorite Bajan princess is celebrating #FebruaRIH for the entire month. Rih Rih knows exactly how to throw a party, so we decided to pull together a few of her bashes that she’s kind enough to share on Instagram. We’re just waiting for our invitations in the mails.

2. Rih Rih’s Pre-Birthday Outfit

Rihanna wears all-purple for her pre-birthday celebration.
“#cabinlife #birthdayish”

3. Rihanna’s Birthday Games Are Better Than Yours

What games will she be playing for her big birthday?
“#GameNight #Guesstures #cabinlife”

4. Rihanna’s Pre-Birthday Is Colder Than Yours

The bad gal has to take a sexy pic before her official birthday.

5. Rihanna Gets Better Balloons Than You

Rih Rih is greeted by beautiful balloons.
“Touchdown! 26 you better bring it bitch!!!! 48 hrs left on my quarter century! Here’s to not remembering any of them!”

6. She Also Has A Better Cake

Check out this gorgeous cake her team gave her.
“I love my team! #BirthdayIsms”

7. Rih Rih Even Has A Bowling Alley To Help Her Celebrate

Renting out a bowling alley for your big day? We wish.
“FebruaRIH #cabinlife”

8. Taking A Birthday Shot

Rih gets a few shots in before her birthday.
“my polar bear #cabinlife”

9. Celebrating Her Grandfather’s Birthday

Rih shares laughs with family at her grandfather’s shindig.

10. Dancing With Her Grandfather

Rih finds time to get down with her grandfather.
“Family. #bravobirthdaybash #barbados”

11. Nothing More Exciting Than Being With Family

Rihanna makes a funny face with her fam.

12. Two-Stepping With Her Grandfather

It looks like her grandfather still has it.
“Ayyyy!! Get it gran popz!! #bravobirthdaybash #barbados”

13. Rih Rih Shares A Warm Embrace With The Birthday Boy

Rihanna goes in for a warm hug.
“She x Bravo!! #birthdayboy”

14. Sharing A Close Moment

Ri Rih loves her grandfather.
“Slow dancing #BravoBirthdayBash”

15. Laughs All Around

Grandpa always makes her smile.
“That face… #BravoBirthdayBash”

16. A Birthday Kiss From Rih

A sweet kiss on the cheek for grandpa.
“Threw Bravo a birthday ba$h at mama Fenty crib!! #85 blessed yearz! Many more to you Grandfadda!”

17. Singing Happy Birthday

Rih and grandpa look at his birthday cake.
“#cake @withlovebyej #bravobirthdaybash”

18. Rih Rih Helps Her Grandfather Celebrate

“He loved his cake so much! He kept asking “ya cud eat it?” Lol! #bravobirthdaybash #85 thank you @withlovebyej for another dope ass cake #barbados”

19. Celebrating With The Man Of The Hour

Rih congratulates her grandfather for another year.
“High 5…85! #bravobirthdaybash #granfadda”

20. Blowing A Kiss

Rih doesn’t mind showing love.
“Birthday kisses #bravobirthdaybash”

21. Draped In Gold

Rihanna holds her grandfather’s hand as he checks out the cake.
“#cake #granfadda #bravobirthdaybash #barbados”

22. Preparing For Her Halloween Shindig

Rih gets ready for her Halloween celebration.

23. Throwing Up The Signs

Rih shows off her Halloween costume.
“…. My chola name was #ShyGirl”

24. Keeping It Trill For Halloween

What would Rihanna be without her fave?
“”Shy Girl” by @gomillionandleupold #halloween13″

25. Rih Rih’s Halloween Cake

“Just got Heauxm to this EPIC phucking cake from my Bajan chef!! Thank you Esther!! Ya too sweet!! #BajanHalloween #Barbados”

26. The Cake Details

The cute details from Rih’s Halloween cake?
“Anti ba$ic recipe!! #BajanHalloween #BIM #Barbados #Heauxm”

27. Lovin’ The Crew

Rihanna’s Halloween friend pack.
“ARLETA ZOMBIE CHOLA PACK!!! @yusefhairnyc @jennnrosales @mforde11 @loreleicakes @badgalriri @evan_erogers @gomillionandleupold x 2 @sonitalex #happyhalloween #MUGSHOTZ by @gomillionandleupold”

28. Rih Rih Wants A Taste

She can’t keep her hands off of some good cake.
“#cake #halloween13”

29. Posing With Her Bestie

Rihanna poses it up with her bestie, Melissa.
“Shy Girl x La Flaca #Halloween13 #barbados @mforde11 by @gomillionandleupold”

30. Relaxing With Some, Er, Help

We don’t know if this is “shy” to us. But, ok, Rih.
“Shy girl”

31. A Close-Up Of Her Fake Neck Tat

Rih lets us see the tat she added just for the occasion.

32. Looking Dangerous

Rih loves her best friend.
“$he x $i$ @mforde11”

33. Smiling And Laughing With Friends

Even with attitude, Rih and Melissa can still take a cute pic.
“$i$ta $i$ta”

34. Rihanna’s NYE Celebration Was Swankier Than Yours

The Bajan beauty flew from her home in Barbados to her NYC home to party with some of her closest friends to ring in 2014.

Scantily clad in a black bustier and silver tailored suit, Rihanna cooked, drank, toasted, smoked and tore the club UP to ring in the new year. Check out Ri Ri’s epic night!

35. Rihanna Wishes Us A Happy New Year With Her Fierce Rug

And we’re like…thanks?

36. Rihanna Shared Deatils From Her Entire Night

“Getting ready for the night! #nye #xiv”

37. With A Peek At The Camera…

Rihanna gives a shout out to her lovely makeup artist @mylahmorales

38. Rihanna & Her Girls Getting Ready

“What the Marley Room looks like when me and my bitches decide to get ready together!”

39. Rihanna Set The NYE Mood In Her NYC Home

“Meanwhile upstairs…. mood set! #nyedinneratmyplace”

40. Rihanna’s Beautiful Childhood Friends Came To Party


41. Rihanna The Hairdresser

“Girlz. @caradelevingne #nye”

42. Rihanna’s BFF, Melissa Looks Amazing

“she sweet awf!! @mforde11 #nye”

43. Rihanna Looks Stunning In Undies

“Picking a clutch…task!!!”

44. No One Takes A Selfie Like Rihanna

“#nye #xiv”

45. Rihanna’s Getting Fresh For 2014


46. Rihanna Is Classic In Black & White

“#xiv #nye”

47. Rihanna & Her Hairstylist

“Get into it! #nyedinneratmyplace”

48. Dinner At Rihanna’s…? Sure!


49. Rihanna & Her Friends At Dinner

“My frahtz! #nyedinneratmyplace”

50. Who Knew Rihanna Could Cook?

“Layer it up!!”

51. Rihanna “Pouring It Up”

“Just a dash…”

52. Ri Ri Enjoying Her NYE Dinner


53. Rihanna The Su Chef

“I told her I’ll heat up the stove you do the dishes ya know! Lol @chefdebbiesolomon”

54. Hopefully Ri Ri’s Food Tastes As Good As She Looks

“Where’s the beef?”

55. Rihanna Shows Her Chef How It’s Done

“Team werq! @chefdebbiesolomon #nyedinneratmyplace”

56. Hungry? Why Wait?

“”hungry bitchez” #nyedinner”

57. Rihanna & Her Girls Eat The Food She Cooked

“dinner=served #nyedinneratmyplace”

58. Rihanna Evens Makes Eating Look Stunning

What’s that lip color?!

59. Rihanna Giving Side Eye To Her Girls

“#nyedinneratmyplace #childhoodbestfriends @mforde11 @leleboo_phucku @sonitalex”

60. The Toast


61. Rihanna In 2014

“Hello 2014”

62. Rihanna Hugging Her Assistant, Jenny Rosales

“The love of my life!!! @jennnrosales”

63. Rihanna Loves “The Help”

“My housekeeper and friend, love you Priya! And then there’s @jennnrosales”

64. Selfies With Ri Ri

“#2 #O #1glass #4 Photo booth! Well, kinda…a mounted remote works too! #nyedinneratmyplace”

65. It’s All In The Details

“#4040 #xiv”

66. A Quick Fix

Between the fur, the shows and Rihanna’s beautiful headpiece, you would think she’s headed to her wedding reception, but you know Rihanna’s headed to PARTY!

67. Puff, Puff Pass

“Oop #4040 #xiv”

68. Rihanna’s Feeling The Music

“Get it.”

69. Party Gal

“No vibez will be killt! #4040nyeparty”

70. Taking A Break

“damn bitch my feet hurt, bitch my feeeet hurt!!” *mz luscious voice* #nye”

71. Twerking By Rihanna

“Uhhh…..is this trick clapping her a$$ in my mug doe?! #4040nyeparty”

72. Sharing A Glance

“Chu looking @ heaux?”

73. Secrets For Rihanna

“@chantellbeaumont #nye”

74. The Boys!

“@___spank___ @5star_d #4040nyeparty”

75. Rihanna’s Assistant, Jenny

“My boo @jennnrosales cheated on me lastnight! #4040nyeparty”

76. Rihanna’s Gals

“@sonitalex @mforde11”

77. Someone’s Happy It’s 2014

“Turnt #nye”

78. Rihanna’s Fab Clique

“@yusefhairnyc @caradelevingne #4040nyeparty”

79. Get It Ri Ri


80. You Can’t Take The Island Out Of The Gal

“Island wine iz de sweetest wine! #nyeparty”

81. Could You Party With Rihanna?

“epic night or nah? We partied like we ain’t party all year! lol #2014”

82. Smoke & Mirrors

Last night was mad real.

83. Lightin’ Up Again!

“As usual, in my own damn world! #zonin #nye”

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