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Tonight’s episode of Real Housewives of Atlanta features Eva back at it again with the shade. Eva making a shady comment and then getting amnesia about what she said, despite it being on camera, is nothing new. But tonight, she hit another low when she referenced Porsha and Kenya’s respective babies as a “late in life” babies.

What had happened was, Cynthia was having a barbecue at Lake Bailey. Eva was the first guest to arrive and Cynthia explained that Kenya had asked to bring her but that the situation worked itself out, but then Porsha ended up having to bring Pilar, which wasn’t initially part of Cynthia’s plan. She wanted strictly grown up fun and told the ladies with babies to leave them home, but sometimes life happens, especially when kids are involved. Eva mentioned that they have all this stuff to say about where she  does or doesn’t go with her kids but are now realizing what motherhood is like. She could have left it there but then she said, “I know she having a late in life baby, but uh, welcome, over the hill, this is what happens!” In case you’re wondering, Eva is 35 and Porsha is 38. That’s not that big of an age difference. Kenya is 48, which is significantly older but guess what? Pregnancy for women who are 35 and older is considered advanced maternal age.  At the time of sooting, Eva was 34 and obviously had the baby before turning 35 in October, but she’s literally on the boarder. So, BYE!

Anyway, this is what the tweets had to say about the situation. Cynthia isn’t off the hook either. People aren’t feeling the fact that Cynthia was laughing and kiki’ing at Eva’s jokes when Eva did the same thing to her last year. 














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