Hellobeautiful Featured Video

1. A Different World

Arguably one of the best Black sitcom proposals in life, Dwayne and Whitley’s proposal couldn’t have come at a more awkward moment: Whitley getting married to another man. The proposal could’ve gone wrong for Dwayne if she said no.

2. The Jamie Foxx Show

Jamie and Fancy was flirting and joking with each other for years on “The Jamie Foxx Show,” but when it was time for Jamie to propose, the funny man made us tear up.

3. The Fresh Prince Of Bel-Air

Although this proposal had a tragic ending, we know Trevor’s intentions were genuine. I mean, like, who proposes with a bun-jee jump?!

4. Moesha

When Q tries to convince Moesha to drop out of college and live with him in Tokyo for his rap career (**chuckle**), Q gives her an option that’s difficult to refuse.

5. Boy Meets World

Just admit that you waited every week for a new “Boy Meets World” episode like us. We knew the proposal was eventually going to happen, but Topanga proposing to Corey –at high school graduation, no less — was a surprise, especially in the ’90s.

6. Martin

What happens when you mix Brian McKnight with one of the funniest men on TV in the ’90s? Absolute magic.

7. Keeping Up With The Kardashians

No matter what we think about the hype surrounding Kanye and Kim’s relationship, we can all agree that Kanye’s televised proposal was one only he could get away with. Complete with fireworks and a full orchestra, this proposal only solidifies the couple’s extravagant lifestyle for better OR worse.